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Recovery of M19 parts on Guernsey

The guys of Festung Guernsey continue to work on different projects on the Channel Island of Guernsey. One of the exciting ones is the recovery of remains of the automatic mortar M19 at Stützpunkt Großfels. In the future, the M19 bunker there will be turned into a museum.  


Regelbau, the photo series

Until the end of March and during July, August and September I’m presenting my photo series ‘Regelbau’ in Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands. It’s a study on the German standardized bunker from World War Two and its current state both as an historical object and a part of present nature. A fascination for modernist materials such […]

Ruin Lust in Tate Britain

Ruin Lust, an exhibition at Tate Britain from 4 March 2014, offers a guide to the mournful, thrilling, comic and perverse uses of ruins in art from the seventeenth century to the present day. The exhibition is the widest-ranging on the subject to date and includes over 100 works by artists such as J.M.W. Turner, […]


Regelbau 656 discovered near Nieuwpoort

A long forgotten Regelbau 656 was discovered near the Albert I-monument in Nieuwpoort. The bunker is completely stripped but apart from that in a beautiful conditions. Its number (Ost-W 019-252) is clearly visible and the St sign on the outside and instructional texts on the inside are still sharp. It was probably part of Wn […]


Regelbau 638 opened after 60 years

The most complete army battery of the Südwall at La Tamarissière (Agde) has the only built 638 hospital bunker on this side of the front. The bunker was closed since the 1950s but has been reopened this weekend by a local group of enthusiasts. Pipettes, syringe boxes, various tubes and even remains of unused glass x-ray […]

Performance against a bunker

The Norwegian artist Tori Wrånes is known for her daring performances on sometimes strange places. In 2010 she chose the beautiful Leitstand type 636 at Svolvær for a piano play. During the Lofoten International Art Festival she played the piano attached to the wall of the bunker. Loose Cannon was the project title. More images and […]

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Demolition in Croisic

Sad news from the demolition front again. A very rare L 406 on the Croisic peninsula will be demolished or at least altered. In 2010 new houses already closed in but now the bunker has to disappear (completely or under a new house). The faith of the Vf bunkers around this one is unknown. A […]

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Allen Gewalten zum Trotz sich erhalten

Two years ago I’ve posted about the Fl 250 anti-aircraft headquarters in Saint-Marc near Saint-Nazaire. Back then more than 400 letters from all over Europe ended up at the office of the Service Territorial d’Architecture et du Patrimoine. However, there was no reaction to any of these letters, although they were surprised by the big […]