Battered Normandy

Since it’s June I found It interesting to share the following initiative that focuses on the Normandy landings through Photography.

On Flickr you can find ‘PhotosNormandie‘. A collaborative project for social indexing of historical imagery taken during the Normandy campaign from June 6 to the end of August 1944. Here photos from several archives are uploaded in high resolution for all Flickr members to provide them with extra information. 
The Flickr account now holds 3044 black and white and color images. And among those are some very interesting images on the Atlantikwall.

Since the beginning I try to collect the most intriguing pictures, of which I will try to post several selections in the coming time. For the first post I will focus on the battered bunkers that we’re photographed just moments after the battle.

Below you can find 19 images. Click once, and you can discover extra information. Click twice, and you can view a higher resolution.
Have extra information? Don’t hesitate to let them know on



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