During the construction of the new casino in the Belgian coastal town of Middelkerke a Regelbau 502 has been unearthed. The bunker was part of Stützpunkt Roon and will be demolished. The bunker was stripped after the war, and about one meter of the roof was demolished. The bunker bears the number Ost-W 010-216. The […]

If you like photography or if you think bunkers are awesome, then you should participate in the Bunkerzoom Atlantic Wall Europe photo contest. Just go out and look for hidden treasures all over Europe and create your own image of this bunker heritage. Who is not familiar with them? Bunkers in the landscape, hidden under […]

Over the years, numerous photographers were fascinated by the bunkers of the Atlantikwall. The big inspiration, I think, for all these photographers was the French cultural theorist, urbanist, and aesthetic philosopher Paul Virilio. His 1975 book Bunker Archéologie is a classic, and also the first to examine the concrete World War 2 structures in detail. […]

In Saint-Nazaire the bunker of the Marine Flak Abteilung 820 still resists the demolition hammer. It will be destroyed in the end, but it’s stronger than expected. It is huge too. 1500 m2, with walls 2 meters thick. The demolition started in june 2016 and should finish before 1 September, when then school next to […]

Twenty interviews with people from Germany, USA, UK, Australia and Denmark. Nine 30 minute episodes. Danish TV2 Nord put huge effort in their series “Bunkerne”.

One of the casemates type 667 at Widerstandsnest 227 was converted to a Star Wars vehicle. A nice form of graffiti spraying. They made a nice video of the creating process.

We start the series of the seven wonders of the Atlanticwall with our choice of the finest batteries. 1. Berck de la Fource, for its clean and unspoiled bunkers. 2. Batterie Reichenberg, complete and well preserved. 3. Batterie Todt, of course for Turm IV. 4. Batterie Holzendorf, for the fine location and the rare M […]

This private film shows the Westwall in colour, starting with a rare 40P8 Sechsschartenturm during the construction of a bunker, large earth excavations, a shot of another bunker for Sechsschartenturm and officers around a table.

Partly demolished M 170 casemate of Batterie Locqueltas near Larmor Plage. (Photo: Olsen)

Sad news from Lorient, France, this week. At least two gun bunkers type M 170 of battery Locqueltas, near Larmor Plage, are being demolished. A casino will be built on the spot. Photos via http://atlantikwall.superforum.fr/t15717-c-est-la-fin-de-locqueltas