Two years ago I’ve posted about the Fl 250 anti-aircraft headquarters in Saint-Marc near Saint-Nazaire. Back then more than 400 letters from all over Europe ended up at the office of the Service Territorial d’Architecture et du Patrimoine. However, there was no reaction to any of these letters, although they were surprised by the big […]

Restauration of the 622 of Ar 36 with naval beds, and stove. (Photo: GRAMASA)

Last year I wrote about a recentely excavated 622 personnel bunker next to the light house of Cap Ferret. The restauration is under way and it looks very good and professional. More pictures can be found via GRAMASA’s Picasa.  

Work has started on the demolition of 100 bunker along the Danish coast. For a sad video see

122 bunkers along the Danish coast will be demolished in the coming months. This is because the concrete and steel remains pose a danger to the public. According to TH on Axis History Forum the following bunkers will be demolished: 1x L 410, 1x L 411, 1x 621, 1x 676, 5x 680, at least 62 […]

From the internet: [quote]Hard to believe: The Nazis last stand in Aachen, the former “Hochbunker” (air raid shelter) between the Rütscherstr and Försterstr in Aachen is to be demolished, to be exchanged for more boring urban apartments with basement garage. It was here, on October 21st, 1944 that the last Wehrmacht commander in the first […]

The museum bunkers of the army coastal battery Azeville in Normandy have their impressive camouflage paint back. Painted as ruines with trees the Germans hoped the battery wouldn’t be spotted by the Allies. Some of the original paint was still visible beneath overhanging parts but the rest had faded. Now professional painters have done the same […]

L 410 locations near Margival.

The Füherhauptquartier Wolfsschlucht 2 is known for its enormous variety of bunker designs. There are local designs for machine gun turrets and plates and one can discover Luftwaffe Regelbauten never built anywhere else. A not so rare Luftwaffe design is the L 410, a command bunker for small Flak batteries. However near Margival this type […]

Secteur Mythique Normandie.

Six tourist offices in Normandy have created a new ‘Secteur Mythique’ in Normandie. This includes all the beaches and inland landing zones, except for the British parachute landing sites and Sword Beach. Of course it’s all about money in Normandy. A lot of bunker complexes are turned into ‘museums’. With no knowledge whatsoever about the […]

The city of The Hague shows how you can preserve a bunker: incorporate it into urban design. One of the three pre-war Dutch bunkers (which were part of the Atlantikwall during the war), was moved to the Army Engineers museum in Vught two years ago. Another was found but buried beneath the new boulevard. It’s […]