A fantastic German wartime film shows the operation of radar and jamming. Partly related to bunkers, it gives an impression of how daily life for Luftwaffe radar crews must have been. It’s in the National Archives library.

502 in colors near Pisz. (Photo: http://rygielpisz.eu/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=54&func=view&catid=14&id=1343#1534)

It’s been some time since I reported about the Masurische Grenzstellung and its bunkers. Stp Johannisburg around today’s Pisz lies nearby. Since several years the command bunker type 502 is being restored. In September last year it’s got his camouflage colors back in. Very nice work! More photos http://rygielpisz.eu/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=54&func=view&catid=14&id=1343

17cm SK L40 sommer 1940 Batterie Urloffen. (Collection authors)

Early November a new book about the Westwall was published. It’s not about the defence line as a whole, but about a particular part of it, the naval gun batteries in the Upper Rhine valley. I talked to one of the authors of the book, Sascha Kuhnert, to find out how the Kriegsmarine guns ended […]

Demolishing works started on the blown up 612. (Photo: Hervé Olejniczak)

Today I got the unfortunate news that demolishing works have started on the bunkers of the beautiful and famous Stützpunkt 120 “Pommern” on the beach south of Wissant. 2,5 years ago the local government decided to demolish the bunkers. Now, all the bunkers on the beach including the iconic Regelbau 600 with stairs, 630 in […]

Alberto Tabone contacted me about a project he has been working on and is now released to the public. A DVD series about fortifications, starting with the fortified island of Alderney. I asked Alberto a couple of questions about his project and his love for Alderney. You’re an Italian, how did you end up in […]

What a sight. 35P8 turret with 10.5cm Flak turret in the back. (Photo: Erik Hårberg)

A, for me, unknown Sechsschartenturm 35P8 possibly on a 632 (where only three Schartes were used) was reveiled on Kystfort.com. Trondenes peninsula is a real heaven, with of course the famous ‘Adolf’ gun, a 40.6cm naval gun. The now reveiled turret covers the entrance road to the battery. The setup of a Sechsschartenturm covering a […]

Enjoying dooms day together in Saarrbücken. (Photo: NARA)

The Fördergruppe WH 316 has generously provided Dooms day believers (or bunker enthusiastics) a sleeping place from 20 until 22 December to survive this scary day. Who doesn’t want to live and sleep inside a Regelbau 108 and enjoy a dinner prepared on a WT80 bunker oven for a day? Hello doomsday theorists and Westwall […]

The Belgian/French bunker research group Belfra has released some PDFs on their finds about the different Tobruk types. I host the English translations as a mirror to the forum http://lemurdelatlantique.lebonforum.com/. Have fun with these docs and thanks to the Belfra group. Also take a look at http://forum.axishistory.com/viewforum.php?f=70 for discussions on the findings. This page will be […]

The first 630 (021-173) which was incorporated into the bicycle route ten years ago. (Photo: Arthur van Beveren)

Great news for several bunker complexes in the Netherlands. Both the Landfront of the Verteidigungsbereich Vlissingen (except for the anti-tank wall in the east) and the batteries of Olmen and Heerenduin in the dunes of IJmuiden are classified as national heritage. It took over 10 years to come to this conclusion, but the persistance paid off. […]