Sunlight on the bunker again. (Photo: Marc Mentel, GRAMASA)

Two years ago we mentioned the renovation of an anti-tank bunker in the south west of France. In May of 2012 the plans were finally put into action. The bunker’s armoured plate was behind bricks but still there including the protecting lifting plate in front. The ball mount for the 4.7cm Festungspak 36 (t) is […]

Opening up the personnel bunker at Wn Garen. (Photo: Steve Powell)

Festung Guernsey excavated a Unterstand WaKoFest last week. The bunker at Wn Garen near L’Ancresse Bay was closed for many years. For more info and photos see and

Wolfgang Weber off duty in March 1944. (Private collection of Mr Weber)

Some weeks ago we came into contact with a Marineflak veteran which was stationed at Trégastel, south of Brest in Bretagne, France. Wolfgang Weber came in from the Flakschule at Misdroy at the Baltic Coast at the age of 19. His story combined with our fieldwork can be found here. I must say, you do know […]

118a hospital bunker at Rijksdorp. (Photo: Arthur van Beveren)

We’ve added the interesting command complex at Rijksdorp, Wassenaar to the website. This complex used by different German staffs throughout the war and later on, in the Cold War, it was reused by the Dutch air force. Also some small additions at Wassenaarse Slag like a Tobruk for tank turret. Wassenaar at

612 Audresselles. (Photo:

In Audresselles, on the sea wall, a 612 casemate is for sale. Attached is a house.,sento.htm?lang=fr

The Dutch prize for the best initiative in our field of interest was awarded again this year. The winner is Stichting WO2 Goeree-Overflakkee (Association for the preservation of World War 2 heritage on the former island of Goeree-Overflakkee). Volunteers of the group unearthed a complete German Widerstandsnest. I think it’s encouraging to see that this was […]

We’ve been working on our new house style for quite a while. It’s a painstaking job but we’re getting there. What has been updated in the past months? In the Altantikwall part all of Norway, Belgium, Channel Islands and France are now converted. The same goes for Other Locations except for Poland. With the conversion […]

Bunkers are getting hot. Even in fashion. Best thing I’ve seen in years! Try to wear a Ringstand this summer, you’ll be a trendsetter! Sylvie Ungauer’s website. Prêt-à-porter (extrait) from sylvie ungauer on Vimeo.

My personal favorite, this sliding Tobruk. (By Jet Nijkamp)

Dutch artist Jet Nijkamp is working on her project Bunkerleven (Bunker life). What thoughts do we trust with the concrete bunkers? Their walls contain stories of life, hope, love, war, sex and death. Help Nijkamp extend the project from drawings and paintings to an installation, the bunker of thought, at Retort Art Space. Visit