Also noted as Fg.Pz.B.F. Festungs Panzerbeobachtungsfernrohr. These periscopes were used in the armoured cupolas in fortifications. They were placed in bunkers that were built in the perimeter of the defence. This could be either at sea- or landside. The observations were made for guiding the artillery that was placed some distance from the line of defence. These batteries had no direct view at the battlefield and depended on these firecontrols.


Or Fg.Pz.Rbl.F. Panzerrundblickfernrohr. These periscopes were used in the cupolas for MG and mounted in the central opening in the roof. In this way the commander could oversee the environment and place his MG gunners at the proper hole.


Panzerbeobachtungswinkelfernrohr. The word “Winkel” means “angle”. These “broken” periscopes were used by observers in cupolas which had one or more side optics. In armoured cupolas for MG each gunner had also this optic for general observation of his part of the terrain of interest.


Sehrohr. A long thin periscope which was stuck through the roof of a bunker. Some bunker types have a special room for it, but it was also placed in other types. Less known is the SR that was used as an emergency replacement for the larger periscopes as the Pz.B.F. series. The long and thin periscopes used in the field and trenches as also part of our SR family.


Scherenfernrohr. The allies called it the “rabbit-ears”. These optics have two tubes which could be folded out in an angle. They were used for all kind of purposes. Range finding was possible and due to the magnification they were also good for general observation. You could find them in the field but also in fortifications. A smaller version could be used hand held and is called Handwinkelfernrohr. In spite of the fact that these tubes are fixed, we have them in this section.


Doppelfernrohr. These are binoculars with oculairs for both eyes (Doppel = double) and applied in a variety of applications. In this section we handle the larger pieces that need a tripod or an other fixed mounting. The smaller ones will be in the section Optics/hand held.


The word “Panzer” in all these designations has nothing to do with the German tank, it just means armour(ed).