This category covers the larger and more complex instruments which were used for measurement of distance. In fact: the larger the gun, the larger the rangefinder. Some coastal batteries had them in lengths of 10 m. The artillery for a shorter distance, sea, land or air, used a portable Entfernungsmesse (EM), which has a length of 0,8 until 1.5 m. Some rangefinders had quick search binoculars on top, such as the 10×45 Richtfernrohr and the Richtungsweiser-Fernrohr 12×60.

These instruments come in several types and lengths. A small portable device was 70 cm long. Rangefinders in fixed postions, such as the coastal batteries in the Atlantikwall, could be 10 m long.

A Hensoldt EM 34, an old lady.