During the construction of the new casino in the Belgian coastal town of Middelkerke a Regelbau 502 has been unearthed. The bunker was part of Stützpunkt Roon and will be demolished.

The bunker was stripped after the war, and about one meter of the roof was demolished. The bunker bears the number Ost-W 010-216. The left entrance shows an St-sign on each side, meaning this bunker was Ständig, safe to hide in against heavy artillery and bombs from the air.

According to forum member Simon V. on Axis History Forum, there should be another 502 buried at the site of the new casino.

Entrance to the bunker with the bunker number Ost-W 010-216

The mayor of the town is clear, the bunkers will not pose a threat to his buildings plans. There will be a new casino and the bunkers will be demolished. Belgium has never showed much interest in the former Atlantikwall. They will always use the excuse that ‘we already have the Raversijde bunker museum’. Which is the same as demolishing a medieval castle ‘because we already have another one left’.

See a tv-coverage on the find here. https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2021/01/05/bunker-gevonden-onder-casino-middelkerke/

Mayor of Middelkerke Jean-Marie Dedecker makes a bad joke about possible German bodies inside the bunker.

A long forgotten Regelbau 656 was discovered near the Albert I-monument in Nieuwpoort. The bunker is completely stripped but apart from that in a beautiful conditions.

Its number (Ost-W 019-252) is clearly visible and the St sign on the outside and instructional texts on the inside are still sharp. It was probably part of Wn Tilly I or II. A 656 is a quite rare Kriegsmarine Regelbau and to find one in this condition is very good news.

656 Nieuwpoort. (Photo: Jack Koorneef)

656 Nieuwpoort. (Photo: Jack Koorneef)

A Luftwaffe Flak bunker L 409 was discovered this monday in Stp Hundius, Oostende, Belgium.

A few years ago, I [pierrot] was proud to announce on the forum that I found a surviving L409a in Belgium (Stp Blücher III, in De Haan); now I also have found its little brother: a L409.
Yesterday we excavated a bunker in the huge Stp Hundius in Ostend (KVA3, Belgium). The Stp Hundius is well known for its well preserved Marine Kustbatterie but the Strongpoint stretched further away that only the ground of the MKB (in fact, from the Military hospital till the Halve Maan and including also the 633 at the lock)

More info via the Axis History Forum.

Inside of the totally stripped L 409 in Stp Hundius. (Photo: pierrot)

Inside of the totally stripped L 409 in Stp Hundius. (Photo: pierrot)

A Luftschutzbunker in Oostende, Belgium, gets the monumental status.

The Flemish secretary Geert Bourgeois (N-VA) approved the protection of the bunker. He visited it last year.

In the previous protection round in 1993 it was overseen, because it’s still on military grounds. Until 1993 the Belgian army used the bunker during battle trainings.

Read the online article in Dutch on De Standaard’s website.

Anyone have present photos and the location of this bunker?

Luftschutzbunker protected. (De Standaard, 9 February 2011)

Luftschutzbunker protected. (De Standaard, 9 February 2011)

In the Belgium town of Middelkerke a headquarters type 117b was opened for historical investigation. The bunker was still in quite a good shape.

The bunker with number Ost-W 011-219 has probably been closed for over 40 years. Several original fittings like battery boxes and telephone connection boxes were still there.

More photos on this Belgian website.

"Never again war please" was written by a German officer probably when the war ended. (Photo: XXXX)

"Never again war please" was written by a German officer probably when the war ended. (Photo: pierrot)