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Cap Blanc Nez

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Inside a water bunker in the Gironde area.

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Fire control post of German artillery battery ‘Adour-Nord’ at Bayonne. One of the most impressive German bunkers ever built. Also known as Bunker Barbara.

Cité d’Aleth, originally uploaded by Artz!.

Wim Hoppenbrouwers shows us some of his work on the Fortificatieforum: 3D bunker photography.

See more examples on the forum.

Longues sur Mer in stereo. (Photo: Wim Hoppenbrouwers)

Longues sur Mer in stereo. (Photo: Wim Hoppenbrouwers)

Winter can be cold and miserable but also inspiring.

Made a trip to the Schneifel region in Germany near Prüm. You can still find some remnants of the Westwall in this area. This december there was a big pack of snow which made the trip more special. I’ve visited a special type 23 near Kronenburgerhütte, some early Limes Regelbauten in the forests near Ormont and a part of the endless anti-tank ‘dragon teeth’ near Hollerath, where early old style and 1939 new style Höcker meet eachother.