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Army command post Kloetinge

In the 1950s the Dutch forces had several command posts for monitoring the airspace. Three of them had the same design. This one in Kloetinge, in the province of Zeeland, one in Groningen (demolished) and the bunker in Bilthoven that has been modified in the 70-ties for the function of communication center.

The bunker in Kloetinge was later used as the war command post of the army commander in Zeeland, PMC Zeeland.

The structure is now in use as a protected data center.

TCC, Bilthoven, Col War

Built in 1955. Picture by Guido Blauw.

TCC, Bilthoven, Col War

The plan. The square in the middle had a large map of the region on the lower level. Operators could look down on it from the first floor.