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Crook arrested who squatted three bunkers

In Hoek van Holland a 47 year old man was recently arrested for digging out and redecorating underground bunkers.

The man started in 2009 by digging out a bunker in the centre of Hoek van Holland in the so called ‘Roomseduin’. A park which is now quit popular among dog owners, but in the war held two strongholds for the ‘Marine’ (Wn. 25 M) and ‘Heer’ (Wn. 22 H) with at least 13 Küverbunkers. The first squatted bunker was discovered by kids in 2009 who warned the police, because they were threatened by the man. The kids noticed that the bunker was being decorated with new windows, walls, trenches and even air fresheners… When the man noticed people were on to him he decided to use a new bunker, less then 20 meters away.  There he started all over again, digging new trenches, marking his terrain with barbwire and even laying dangerous booby-traps with sharp long nails for unwanted visitors.

The new bunker, very well hidden under sand and bushes was a Küvertype 450b. The entrance was given a new trench constructed from stolen fences from the nearby soccer club. And for supporting beams wooden poles were used. Inside everything was cleaned perfectly, while one room used to be filled with sand about 1.80m high. All this sand was moved outside and camouflaged with bushes. The windows were given new frames and electricity and sewer pipes were stored ready for use. The entrance was given a new fence, including a lock.

A third bunker was also found, about another 20 meters away. But he only just began digging here, and now stolen material was found.

The police was never able to get the guy until last week after some stake-outs at night. He was caught visiting ‘his’ bunker, but has been released for a lack of evidence and a confession. The main question remains what the ‘crook’ was actually planning with his activities. As also in 2005 a strange camouflaged ‘hut’ was discovered in the dunes, including a self made covered trench and escape motorcycle with prepared route trough the bushes.

These photos are from the first discovery in 2009 and right after the arrest in 2012. The first picture also shows the situation of the first bunker before it was dug-out.
The paintings you see are in the third bunker, which like all the other bunkers, were reused after the war for housing and the boy scouts.

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