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Denmark demolitions

122 bunkers along the Danish coast will be demolished in the coming months. This is because the concrete and steel remains pose a danger to the public.

According to TH on Axis History Forum the following bunkers will be demolished:

  • 1x L 410,
  • 1x L 411,
  • 1x 621,
  • 1x 676,
  • 5x 680,
  • at least 62 F-Stände (small machine gun bunkers) and
  • at least 25 Ringstände (types 58c and 67, one 65a).

He also mentions: “I’m not entirely sure about the L 411 and 621, because those two are still in decent condition. Only the locations of the bunkers have been published, not the types – I worked those out on my own. Nevertheless, the list should be fairly accurate.”

Next year the beaches will look different again, and new remains will show up. Is this the start of a bigger demolition campaign? More dangerous remains in the see remain untouched this year. Unfortunately it will happen so make your trip to the western coast around Thyborøn now, before bunkers have disappeared.


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