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The big amount of strongpoints and resistence nests also needed a big communication network. A fortress telephone network linked all the major strongpoints, and from there on lines went to the smaller resistence nests. The major line went through the middle of the island to keep it fairly safe from (air)attacks. Four 617 bunkers were built at network junction points. A fifth fortress communication bunker was built at Stp Tannenberg, this being on two floors. It served the Festungkommandant and 319th infantery division. The 617 Nz E at Les Canus, St Sampson is not visible. 21 Kabelschaltbrunnen served as switching points to the strongpoints. Most of them are very hard to find because of their small size. After the war a big part of the telephone network was used for civil purposes. Until the eighties some of the bunkers were still in use which explains why they are still in such a good shape. All the bunkers are on private property so ask permission first before visiting them.

A small connection box on a Kabelschaltbrunnen Nc1 near Vale Church (Grande Havre).