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HKB Generaloberst Dolmann

Armed with four 22 cm K532 (f) guns. They were placed in open emplacements with each two Sk ammo bunkers. The battery command/fire-controlpost was stationed in a M 132, built with concrete roofs instead of armoured turrets. One of the emplacements has been refurnished with the original 22cm gun which was dug up from a cliff in Jersey. Both the ammo bunkers of this 'Bettung' are accesible as well and several trenches are restored.

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The following St bunkers were built:
- 1 x M 132 (derivation)
- 8 x Ammunitionbunker

The unit that manned the battery in 1942, was H.K.B. 353 (part of H.K.A.A. 727). Later on the crew was supplied by 15./H.K.A.A, 1265