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Headquarters on Guernsey

The various arms of services each required their own headquarters and communications. Most HQs were erected near large private estates inland to keep them safer from aerial attacks. Like on Jersey, two floored bunkers were built for:

  • The 319 Infanterie Division which was responsible for the coastal defence (La Corbinerie)
  • The Festungskommandant which had the overall command on the island (La Corbinerie)
  • The Heeres Küsten Artillerie Abteilung 1265 (Quatre Vents Estate, St Martin)
  • The 583 Infanterie Regiment which controlled the northern section of the island (St Andrew)
  • The 584 Infanterie Regiment which controlled the southern section of the island (Beau Sejour)

These bunkers were derivations of the type 609 command bunker. The Luftwafe Flak Regiment 292 HQ was situated in a mansion at Sausmarez Road. In the garden was a slightly altered 622. The Kriegsmarine built there bunkers at St Jacques in St Peter Port. These were a V 192 for machinery, a V 142 for the Marinenachrichtenoffizier Kanalinseln (MNO Ki) which was linked by a small passage to the only ever built M 172 of the Seekommandant Kanalinseln (SeeKo Ki). The Marine Artillerie Abteilung 604 only had a small Vf bunker as HQ, at Les Caches, St Martin. One would think this bunker was abandoned early during the war and the MAA 604 took their HQ in the M 172. The V 142 now is a beautiful museum and is open regularly. All the other bunkers are on private property and can only be visited with permission.

Remains of the glass map in the HQ of Flak Regiment 292