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Special, Kite Aerial Photography

While browsing the photosite I came across some extraordinary aerial photos by Kevin Lajoie. He uses a kite and camera to get a total different view of the place we live on. With his kind permission we publish some of his aerial bunker shots from the island. Enjoy! See Flickr for more of his work.

One of the two Fl 242 Flak bunkers of Marine Stp Grosshügel near L'Ancresse.

Fantastic shot of Marine Peilstelle 2 at L'Erée headland (Stp Langenberg). Visible is the old Victorian fort with a shelter for a 150 cm Mirus searchlight.

A clear shot of Wn Rundturm in Vazon Bay with a Martello tower, the Vf bunker for personnel, an Mg table on the left in the wall and a Tobruk on the right.

Another shot of Wn Rundturm, now with the casemate for 4.7 cm Festung Pak and a Tobruk on the left.

View of the oldest fort on the island, the medieval Vale Castle, which the Germans called Stp Talfeste. All along the outer walls are filled in lined trenches with Mg positions. There are two early emplacements for fieldguns and two mortar Tobruks inside the fort. Next to the upper left tower is the restored Mg position with a 7P7 armoured plate as roof.