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1. Stellung, Bjerghuse-Søndervig

Stp Bjerghuse, just south of Nissum Fjord. A 19.4cm battery in two 686 casemates was planned but the bunkers were never finished. The following bunkers were built in the Infanterie-Stützpunkt:

  • 666
  • 668

In the 1. Stellung towards Søndervig 42 F-Gruppen (2 x F-Stand with usually a Tobruk in between) were built, almost a closed wall. Further more at several places these defence line was strengthened with Pak bunkers and IS-Stände, light casemates for MG. We found near Bjerghuse:

  • 2 x 680
  • 1 x IS-Stand

At Wn Sundhuse (Vedersø Klit):

  • 2 x 680

Perfect combination of flanking F-Stände with in between a Tobruk.