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Stützpunktgruppe Blåvand

The area of Blåvand and Blåvandshuk to be precisely is a real Walhalla for bunkerhunters. Actually it is not even hunting here because the bunkers are spreaded through the dunes and are really easy to find. Stp HKB is a very complete coastal Stützpunkt. 1.Stellung covers the beaches between the strongpoints. Stp Büffel houses a radarstation and is strongly fortified with some rare bunkertypes like the L 412A and a L 487. Furthermore you will find here the heavy 38cm battery, Stp Vogelnest.
Additional pictures by Henk Adriaanse, 2008.

Tubes leading to the unfinished part of one of the S 561s of Stp Vogelnest.