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Verteidigungsbereich Frederikshavn

The Verteidigungsbereich had several coastal and aircraft batteries. Infantry defencelines were built at the airfield, town and harbour. The Sperrbatterie (1./M.A.A.521), the Flakbatterie Süd (4./M.Fl.A.716) and the Ugruko belonged to StpGr Frederikhavn-Nord.

The StpGr Frederikshavn-Süd had the Stp Frederikshavn-Nord (2./M.Fl.A.716) and Wn Hafen. It is now part of the Bangsbo museum. The third StpGr was Flugplatz Frederikshavn. (all pictures by Henk Adriaanse, 2006 and 2014)

The Ugruko (Untergruppenkommandostand), Fl 241 in StpGr Frederikshavn-Süd.