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Gefechtsstand Wehrmachtsbefehlshaber in Dänemark, Silkeborg

In the November 1942 the health resort of Silkeborg Bad was confiscated by the Germans and in March of the following year the construction of a dozen Ständige bunkers started. The newly installed Wehrmachtsbefehlshaber in Dänemark (Commanding Officer of the army in Denmark) Hermann von Hanneken moved his headquarters from Copenhagen to Silkeborg Bad in November 1943.

Today Silkeborg Bad houses the Silkeborg Bad Art Centre with a sculpture garden. One 622 "Berta" is the Silkeborg bunker museum. It's a vast complex with some highly interesting Heeres and Kriegsmarine Regelbauten. St bunkers built here:

  • 1 x 608 (91001)
  • 1 x 618 (91002)
  • 8 x 622 (91003-91010)
  • 1 x 691 (91021)
  • 1 x V 196 (91xxx)

The 608 was modified after the war and is buried and encapsuled in a concrete box. It's accessible when the bunker museum is open. The bigger bunkers are open. Some of the 622s are buried. Apart from the St Bauten there a lot of Tobruks and Vf bunkers. We visited the site in the winter of 2010 with lots of snow!

Gefechtsstand Wehrmachtsbefehlshaber in Dänemark, Silkeborg

The casino. The dark spot in front is the hatch to the buried 608.