680, Infanterie Stp, Stützpunktgruppe Søndervig | Bunkersite.com
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680, Infanterie Stp

Along the coast near Søndervig one can find quite some 680s. There're usually two of these casemates built, one facing northwards and the other one southwards.

Located south of Søndervig, near the 600s.

The 7.5cm Pak 40 had an air-brake (Mündungsbremse) at the end of the barrel. The energy from the escaping gas was led backwards from the gunmouth. In this way the back-movement of the barrel due to the shot, was broken up for a good part. Modern fieldguns would even topple over without these mouth-brakes. This "ramp" would lead the gas, which escapes downwards, over the concrete, away from the Scharte. It probably also prevented the sand from whirling up by the gases.