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Stützpunktgruppe Søndervig

A great amount of bunkers of all types can be found here. In the north, near Kryle we find the H.K.B. 5./180. A few hundred meters south lies the radarsite, Luftwaffe Stp Ringelnatter. The city of Søndervig and the mainroads here were protected by the Infanterie Stp.

The real highlight here is the extremely rare bunker for telephone exchange, type V 194. It is called the Marine Fernmelde Knotenpunkt and lies in the Inf Stp. We have made an extensive special on this bunker. Hvide Sande is located far more south but is part of Stp.Gr. Søndervig. We have included the musem 666 and 668 here.

This text is in the 632 of the Infanterie Stp. (Photo: Henk Adriaanse, 2008) It says:

"Es lebe hoch die M.G.K., die Krone aller Waffen"

A well known German march song for the 'Maschinengewehrkompanie'.