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Flugmeldemess-Stellung Karpfen, Ar 31

There are two strongpoints, in the north Ar 31N with a partly visible 604. More south lies the Luftwaffe radarsite "Karpfen" which was built almost completely to fortress standard and had a L 479 and 3 x L 486. Main radars were 2 x Würzburg and a Freya radar. The site was divided into two complexes both protected against air attacks by a Flakzug. One had 2 x L 409 and 1 x L 410, the southern one had 2 x L 409A and 1 x L 410A. The beach was protected by two KwK guns which were emplaced in the open on Vf 66 bunkers. Later they were 'Verschartet' and put under the roof of two 667s.

Flugmeldemess-Stellung Karpfen, Ar 31, Cap Ferret

Building material for the trenches.