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L 411

The bunker is situated at the entrance of the camping place du Phare.

One corner is visible from the entrance.

In 2019 Henk Adriaanse was able to enter the bunker.

It's well hidden between the trees.

The entrance is small but a visit is possible.

A big pipe for the exhaust of a generator.

The garage with the wide entrance provided shelter for the 60 cm searchlight.

This is the storage room for the fuel.

The room for personnel still has the bed hooks on the ceiling.

Now the amazing story. On the wall are remains of maps. One fragment shows clearly the cities of Vitebsk and Moska(u). The fragment on the left is a map of the Ukraine with the city of (Ch)erkassy. Once more the proof that German troops were send to the Atlantikwall to recuperate from the heavy duty on the Eastern Front.

See our chapter on the city Vitebsk

Pavel thank you again.