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La Crèche

We think that the combined defences at and around the former French fortress La Crèche are one Stützpunkt 221 (Arnika).

1. La Crèche-I was built on the old fortress and had 3 casemates (Sk) built on top of the French emplacements. 3./Maa 240 was equipped with 19,4 cm KM 70/93 (f). The fourth gun stood in an open position. Several infantery bunkers defended the site.

2. La Crèche-II is north at the coast and has lost one of the four casemates 671. It has fallen of the cliff and is now deep down on the beach. There are 3 x 671, for the 10.5 cm 45 SKC/32 former U-boat-gun, manned by 4./M.A.A. 240. Some Flak emplacements with underlying shelters (Sk) lie just behind the casemates.

3. La Crèche-III. Here a tunnelsystem interconnects a 611, the 669, a bunker for Mg type 634 and two extra entrances.

La Crèche II.