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Cap de la Chèvre

Deep down in the south of the peninsula, you find a beautiful cliff on which the Germans have built and reused several gun emplacements. The open emplacements resamble very much the ones at the other side of the Rade de Brest, the bunkers originally used for the battery Holzendorff. The ones at Le Cap have two installations for distributing the grenates at each side of the gun. The open emplacements on both locations are originally built by the French. But an other topic of this site is the presence of a big guncasemate under construction. Some "Formstein" walls have been built. The shape of these walls and the documentation, presented by mr H. Sakkers, lead to the fact that it was ment to be an other "Waldam" tower. Not in the version of a M 305, but equal to the one at Waldam near Calais.