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Pointe du Grand Gouin

This strongpoint was called Cr 342. The "Anse de Camaret" was covered by two casemates type 671. On top of the "pointe", four open emplacements for 22 cm railway guns K 532 (f), were build. The unit was 1274 HKAA. In mid 1943 a 5th gun, K 674 (f), 34 cm was. This location is unknown.

Several other bunkers had supportive functions, such as a 638 hospital and a 641 ammunitionshelter. More to the west you find the firecontrol center for the 22 cm battery, which was placed in a bunker type 636. This bunker has some nice fresco's. Several bunkers are damaged by various air-attacks. The impact on the structures gives an extra dimension to your visit.

Pointe du Grand Gouin, Brest-Camaret