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Énez Terc'h

Énez Terc'h or Île aux Américains is a 400 by 200 meter island on the eastern side of the Aber Wrac'h. The river allows deep access into the Lesneven area and was thus of strategic importance. Together with the strongpoints at Île Cézon and Énez Vihan on the other side, Énez Terc'h formed the Stützpunkt l'Aber Vrach which defended the entrance to this river. It could well be called a Panzerwerk because of the many armoured parts which were used.

The island was divided in two resistance nests being Av 32 in the north and Av 45 in the south. Two anti-tankguns were placed here, in Regelbau 626 casemates while a Sechsschartenturm with two MG-34 was dominating the high grounds. In the north two personnel bunkers (one 621 identified) and several Tobruks were built. At least two Vf 2a can be traced too.

Until the 1960s, the island was being used for agriculture but it's now deserted and dense vegetation has taken over. It's near impossible terrain, especially in summer. We couldn't reach the 634 and some bunker have completely disappeared in the undergrowth.