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M.S.B. Graf Spee

The battery is situated in strongpoint Re 303 while the Leitstand lies southwest in Re 302 at Keringar. Armed with four pieces of 28 cm S.K.L./40 made by Krupp, only one Sk casemate was ever finished. The site was occupied by 5./M.A.A. 262.

To find this site easily, take the road from Pointe de St-Mathieu, along the D 85. On the left you first see the Leitstand, an S 414. This one has been abandoned by the French Navy and as of 2016 it's a museum. Turn left into the direction of the camping Keryel and drive through Kerviny and Kervilzic to find the northern entrance of this site. This location has many fine objects.

(Photo: Nara)