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Inland batteries

In this area there are six batteries, all operated by Artillery Regiment 275. All guns were of type 10,5 cm K18/40 (r). Measuring the main fire direction we have tried to find the target and the main observationstand for each battery. The targets are the shores that can be seen from those observationbunkers. Also the salty swamp was covered.

From north-west to south-east:

  • Adolf: Tu 43, at Les Carpadoux, controlled by the 120 in Lérat. [4 x 669, 3 x 668]
  • Bertha: Tu 44, at Les Clos Bertin, controlled by the 613 in Brandu. [4 x 669, 1 x 668]
  • Cäsar: Tu 45, at La Garenne, controlled by the 637a at Kerhuel. [4 x 669, 3 x 668]
  • Dora: Tu 46, at La Villeneuve, (not found), controlled by the 120 at Trescalan. [4 x 669, 3 x 668]
  • Emil: Tu 47, at Cannevé, controlled by an unknown bunker. [4 x 669, 3 x 668]
  • Fritz: Tu 48, at La Ville-Poupard / La Lande, controlled by a 120 at Escoublac. [4 x 669, 3 x 668]

The batteries Gustav, Heinrich en Ida are part of our coverage of St Nazaire.

A text found in the battery "Adolf". 275 Inf Div was send to Normandy in July 44. 765 Inf Div took over KVA C1 and C2 in a new KVA C. Ost Art Abt 752 took over the batteries "Adolf", "Bertha" and "Dora". This unit was part of the "Osttruppen", an unit in which German allies from the eastern European countries were combined. This could explain the Slavic characters. 18/40 is the designation for the gun.