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Cap d'Antifer

A major radar site, called Stützpunkt Auerhahn, was built at Cap d'Antifer and had no Et-designation. On the D940 follow the roadsigns for the lighthouse (Phare).
We devide the site in four parts.

  • the navy location for Seetakt Fu.MO 2 at the lighthouse,
  • the Flak battery in the middle,
  • the Wasserman complex in the south,
  • the airforce Funkmess Stelle, Fu MG, in the east.

All the locations are accessible. Drive to the lighthouse at Cap d'Antifer (roadsigns will lead to the spot) and you will the see the Flak battery at the left.
The best way to approach the Wassermann complex is to drive through Bruneval in the south and follow the D 111a untill the coast. Then climb up the path leading to the top of the cliffs in the north. When you pass a little observation post you are on the right way.

Cap d'Antifer, main

Gate of the original entrance of the Flak battery. Steel bars could be placed between the blocks and the entrance was closed.

Cap d'Antifer, main

The pin which prevented the bars to move.