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Clos de Ronnes

Take the exit le Grand Hameau on the D 940 and follow the signs for Le Corvée. 3./H.K.A.R. 1254 built a battery named Goldbrunnen with three 17 cm K 18l/50 guns. Two of them were placed in casemates of type 688. Some supporting bunkers complete the site Stpgr West, Wn HaK 015. More inland the navy started the construction of a battery with former French 38 cm K35/36 (f) guns. In 1944 only one foundation was ready, the gun was placed, but just after D-day the battery was attacked by allied bombers and the gun was destroyed. Only some concrete parts are left and the supporting bunkers are a wastedump now and so impossible to visit. The battery was called Le Corvée and has no Ha designation. The casemate under construction was of type S 536.

Clos de Ronnes, main

In the field nearby some Vf bunkers are hidden.