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612, Kerbascuin

Lo 250 lies somewhat inland at the water tower of Kerbascuin. On the D 781, before the bridge over the Étel, follow the roadsigns to Plage de Motenno. On your way in, look for the water tower. This strongpoint has two casemates type 612. Until at least july 2009 one still had its weapon, strangely enough a 4.7 cm Festungspak 36 (t) which was not intended for this bunker type. Unfortunately it was removed and the question is, where it is now.

Number 1 looks "normal".

The opening for the ventilator was spared in the shuttering and closed later. This bunker probably also had another gun.

This bunker reveals no secrets, it is full with wooden stuff.

Both casemates taken in one view. The pak gun was in the right one.