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Höhe 40

North of "Locmiquel-Mène", along the D162, lies a hard to crack bunkersite on both sides of the road. This Panzerwerk was manned by 11./ Festa XXV and has many interesting bunkertypes.

The sources contradict each other on the bunkertypes, we can't give a clear view but we're sure of the following: on a great photo taken just after the war one can see three armoured cupolas. (See page 175 of Chazette's "Atlantikwall-Südwall")

  • The first one (on the right) is a 120 (The entrance is characteristic for a 120)
  • Just left of this turret one can see the Tobruk (could be mistaken for a turret) of the 633.
  • Left of the Tobruk is the observationturret of a 665.
  • On the far left you can clearly distinguish the low profile of the M19 turret of the 633.

So we're now sure that on top of Höhe 40, two artillery observation bunkers (120, 613, for the inland batteries) were built, next to a 665 (which directed fire for the 633). Only the 613 kept its turret, but it lies on the property of trailer people. "Höhe 40" is now being used as a dumpplace for earth and rubbish. The 633 is half covered with its Tobruk and periscopetube being visible, while the 665 has completely disappeared under a layer of earth. The road to the 608 has been blocked and is totally obscured by brambles. The same counts for the possible track to the 625. In the winter you could take a try. In the west remains a 601 without the plate and some smaller works. Somewhat to the south is a second strongpoint, called Lo 027, with for sure a 501, 502, 637a and probably another 613 and a 634. This 613 was for the second inlandbattery.