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The complex lies right in the center of the harbour at Lorient. You can get the best overview from the pier at the peninsula "Kernével". Also consider a visit to the citadel at Port Louis and have a nice view on the complex from there. These days you can get a guided tour on the complex. The three Keromanbunkers had different functions but formed together one system.

  • Keroman II had 6 dry boxes and one "parking" box
  • Keroman I had 5 dry boxes and 1 box with a slope in order to hoist an U-Boat on land

This slope was protected by a reinforced concrete roof which was over 7 meters thick. Keroman III had 7 wet boxes, which could protect 13 operational U-boats. An U-boat which needed maintenance was hoisted on land in Keroman I and placed on a transporting mechanisme. This lorry could park it in one of the dry boxes of Keroman I or II.

As a start two so called "Dombunkers" were built at the former French shipyard, that already had a slipway to get fishing boats out of the water. In 2005 the slipway was removed. In 1944 the Germans started building on K4, next to K1, but due to lack of raw materials it was never finished.

Overview of the Keroman base.