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The main commandpost of V. Marine Flak Brigade at St Marc was housed in a Fl 250, also called "Flakgruppenkommandostand". The Flak batteries were manned by four Marine Flakabteilungen (Navy AA-batalions):

  • 703, La Vecquerie
  • 705, Montoir de Bretagne
  • 809, St Brévin
  • 820, St Nazaire city, at the school in St Louis

The light AA battalion 820 had small caliber guns and were spread out over the entire area. Each other heavy battalion had a searchlight battery. Searchlights were placed at a distance of approx 3 km from the main batteries.

The datasheet gives a review on organisation, armament, location and codenames. A total of 72 anti-aircraftguns with a caliber of 10,5 or 12,8 cm were placed in the Festung St Nazaire.