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The large area with many forces to defend it and the U-boat flotillas that were stationned, had to be supported by a vast central logistic system. Many of the supporting bunkers are on sites that are not accessible (yet) or have been demolished. Big works were built in and around the U-boat base and the camps in which the flotillas were housed (a.i. Heinlex and Beauregard). The army built several hospitalbunkers of type 118c and 638 in the area. We present the beautiful hospital 118c at Les Aubinais (N 65) and some remains of Camp de Beauregards. We have also found several bunkers for personnel which are directly behind the Landfront and served as housing for the infantry. We enhance the subject by bringing some cable-bunkers and two ammunition storage sites.

These wounded handling capacity was for sure enhanced by several other bunkertypes that has been converted into medical facilities, such as the 622 and 607.