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U-boat base

The U-boat bunker is very impressive. A walk on the roof gives a good impression of all the German effort that was done in preventing heavy bombs to damage the ships. Several layers of all kind of forms in concrete can be seen as the roof was never finished completely. Defensive blocks on every corner of the bunker should have prevented attacks from the land but only one block on the north-west corner was completed with fortress weapons. The north-east block was finished at street level. This corner on the roof gives a good sight on a partly completed bunker. Building efforts on the south side blocks were never started. Underneath a the concrete beams, a small village with crew rooms, offices and kitchens was built. On the land side, anti-tank obstacles in the form of Höcker protected the bunker from tank attacks. Around 2000, three quarters of the boxes were emptied of all German relics, walls were broken through, frescos were destroyed, and the new spaces became shops, restaurants, music studios and a museum. The bunker is partly free to visit. There is even an elevator up to and through the roof. The piece that was cut out for the shaft of it, is still on the roof and it shows the greatness of the entire construction. A complete road now leads from street level to the roof and plans are to make a park of it.

The pieces that where cut out of the first layer.