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Colleville Montgomery

There are two sites. One site is Wn 17, also called site Hillmann with 2 x a 608, a 605 and many smaller constructions. It can be found on the Rue du Régiment Suffolk. The bunker of the type 605 is very rare and is a must. Two CP's of type 608 once had observation cupola's, which were built in an attached part. The type of these cupolas is unknown. One of the 608 has an imitation cupola now. As we did in 2009, you can enjoy hours with searching and photographing the crumbs.

The second site is an inland battery, Wn 16, 2./A.R. 1716 with 4 x 10cm le F.H. 14/19 (f) in 3 x a 669. It lies in a new part of the village at the Rue du Clos du Moulin. Main target was the coast at Lion-sur-Mer.

This Kabelschaltbrunnen lies along the Rue de Caen, just outside the Hillman site.

This Ksb one can be found in the center of Hermanville-sur-Mer.