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The Vire estuary

This part covers the coast from Pointe du Hoc, along Maisy to the mouth of the river Vire. We continue on the west bank driving to Le Grand Vey which is the beginning of Utah Beach.

1. Eastbank of the estuary:
- a. Grandcamps-Maisy, Wn 78
- b. Grandcamps west, Wn 81
- c. Le Lieu Marais, Wn 82
- d. Le Lieu Marais, Wn 87
- e. Maisy, Le Casino, Wn 88
- f. Maisy, La Dune, Wn 90

2. Before we cross the river, we go inland:
- a. Maisy, Les Perruques, Wn 83
- b. Maisy, La Nouvelle Martinière, Wn 84
- c. Les Veys, Wn 94

3. Westbank of the estuary:
- a. Pénemé, no Wn
- b. Le Grand Vey, Wn 100

Vire river, Normandie

Cable bunker type Ksb at Pénemé.