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The bunkers built.

nr type location
Z-1 112a south
Z-2 506 south-east
Z-3 112a south
Z-4 625 7,5 cm, seaside
Z-5 625 7,5 cm, seaside
Z-6 501/621 combination, near entrance
Z-7 114A neu south
Z-8 504 east, only entrance visible
Z-9 105d in ditch at eastblock
Z-10 114A neu east
Z-11 112b east high
Z-12 112b north high
Z-13 105d seaside, covering north
Z-14 105d seaside, covering south
Z-16 105b westblock up, aiming west
Z-16 105d westblock down, aiming west
Z-17 105b westblock up, aiming east
Z-17 105d westblock down, aiming east
Z-18 105d eastblock, aiming west
Z-18 Sk mg eastblock, aiming north
Z-18 105c eastblock up, aiming west
Z-19 105c single, north on fort
Z-20 611 10,5 cm, old harbor
Z-21 611 10,5 cm, old harbor
Z-22 636 north
Z-23 L 410A museum
Z-23 L 410A underneath
Z-24 633 centre of fort, invisible
Z-25 667 5 cm KwK, seaside