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Pointe du Grouin

"Grouin" is derived from the Dutch adjective "groen" (=green). Pointe du Grouin is at the north-east side of the area of St Malo. It is famous for the bird breathing site at Ille des Landes. In WW II the Germans built Stützpunkt Ra 104a/b here, which covered the small ports of Port-Mer, Port Pican and some small beaches in the west. When you walk the Gr 34 you find almost all the described bunkers. Do not forget to look west of the semaphore installation. Deep down there is a 667 and just behind the building stands a nice 502. The searchlight garage can be found at the far end of the Pointe. The 504 is situated close to the parkingplace west of the road. A 501 can also be found here (not visited). Take also the small path that starts at the east side of the restaurant and walk due south to Pointe de Barbe Brûlée to find the vf-bunkers. As well as a conserved 667 with 5 cm KwK gun and on top a 612 (not visited).