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515, Pointe de Malouine

This site is called Ra 133. It is situated in Dinard. A recently built monument for the fallen sailors of St Malo uses a German observation cupola as basement. It is not sure which bunker was the original owner of this cupola. German documents give a 515 here which could be possible, although a 486P2 turret has never been seen on a 515. However, a 486P2 will fit in a 515. Just like a 502, the observation room of a 515 is 1.10 meters wide. There are several 502 with 486P2. The order number (203-1202/39) is the same number that was used for the cupolas on the 105cs at Le Pointeau (St Nazaire) and Landrezac (Vannes) and possibly for the one on Plage de Longchamps as well.

A 627 artillery observer is hidden under a house north of it.

Type 486P2.

Number 51.