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The batttery "Plouharnel" had four pieces of railroadguns with a caliber of 34 cm. these former French battleship guns were, before the war, updated by the firm "Saint-Chamond" and converted into railroadguns. The Germans used them here and gave them the designation K 674 (f). Strongpoint Va 300 is the battery, in the north protected by Va 005 and in the south by Va 007. The eastern flank was covered by Va 006. The terrain is overlooked by the high firecontrol tower. Four huge open emplacements gave room to the guns and had their own bunkers for the daily ammunition. Several AA-bunkers of type Fl 242 for 20 mm guns are in good shape. Vast ammunitionbunkers are connected with railroadtracks on which the lorries were driven to the loading emplacement. In Va 300 a hospital of type 118b houses a museum on wars in an other era. Extra attention was given to the infantry defenses.

Plouharnel, Vannes

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