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The 88th Armycorps (LXXXVIII Armee Korps) had its commandpost in the city of Bilthoven. The armycorps was part of the WBN (Wehrmachts Befehlshaber in den Niederlanden), which was the major army commander in Holland. Bilthoven had and still has many small villaparcs in a large area. Between the villas and the trees many bunkers were built in the autumn of 1943. The main battle staff of the corps was located near the the former villa Zonneheuvel. In this location we find the main commandbunker which resembles the Sk1 closely (Cp1). Besides these bombproof shelters two other large bunkers were constructed in the garden behind the villa. Interestingly, these bunkers also resemble the Sk1 commandbunker but are constructed with only 1.2 m thick walls and roof, which makes them Vf. The first housed the weapon officers (Cp3) and the second one was used as the communicationscentre for the corps staff (com 4). Several medical and other logistic protected functions complete this part of the headquarters. Besides the battle staff at Zonneheuvel, the important quartermaster staff, resposible for the medical, logistical and administrative support of the Corps, was located in the villa Jagtlust in De Bilt. In the parc behind the main building we can find a third Vf-commandbunker with Sk1-features (Cp2). This bunker, measuring 26.4 m x 10.2 m is even equipped with a close combat defense. A third large Vf bunker with Sk1 features is located more to the east and housed a telephone amplifier station (Verstärkeramt, Com 1 & 2). This bunker was not really part of the HQ, but had to ensure that telephone-signals could be recieved over a large distance for all units in a wide area. All bunkers are situated in gardens and so on private property. The pictures were taken during a special investigation in cooperation with the municipal authorities.
All pictures by Peter Heijkoop.

Typical camouflage pattern for all the bunkers here.