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625, Wn 309, Landfront

Wn 309 stretched along the northern part of the Raamweg. It was occupied by the 2. SS-Panzer Jäger Kompanie Nordwest and was armed with a 4,7cm Pak and two 7,5cm Pak, the latter two being parked in two Regelbau 625.

Like more bunkers in the Landfront of Stützpunktgruppe Scheveningen, this bunker was built in urban area. In the 1980s Europol, which resided in the Huize Katwijk, built a restaurant and emergency energy plant around and on top of the bunker.

A view of the new building.

Typical for a 625, the pit for empty shells.

The bunker itself is in quite good condition. Here it's number.