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Stp XIX Festungskommandant

One of the best preserved headquarters, maybe even in Europe, can be found in the Staelduinse Bos somewhat inland. It was the headquarters for the southern part of the Festung (Rozenburg and De Beer).
The following St bunkers were built here:

  • 1 x 118c
  • 1 x 142
  • 5 x 134
  • 2 x 501
  • 5 x 502
  • 1 x 608
  • 2 x 621
  • 2 x 672
  • 1 x 674

The presence of a Regelbau 142 is very rare. Only two other existing examples can be named being the one in a Batallion HQ on the isle of Voorne and an modified one in St Vaast d'Equiqueville in France. The 672s and 674 were built on the most western edge of the forest as one of the last bunkers in april and may 1945. All bunkers are closed and lie in a protected zone of the forest. Bats sleep inside the bunkers throughout the winter. Besides the St-Bauten there were a lot of supporting buildings in brick like garages, a cinema, daytime quarters and waterstorage places. Unfortunately the keeper of the forest decided, still for some unknown reason, to demolish most of the bigger unique brick buildings. We only have the photos now.

The extra walls of a 134.