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Noordwijk was part of the Stützpunktgruppe Katwijk. The battery Noordwijk was the most northern strongpoint. For a complete overview of the bunkers built, see the database left in the menu. In the north Höcker and steel bars protected the access through the dunes and further inland an anti tank ditch was dug. This digging even caused the demolition of a fine landhouse called Leeuwenhorst. The Landfront was completed with tobruks and Vf-works. It followed a line north - south and passed the airfield Valkenburg in the east. A tankwall and more Höcker closed the southern part and ended at the beach south of Katwijk. At this point, now called Panbos remains of the wall are still present and easy to visit. The bunkers, built on top of, or directly behind the dunes are for some parts still present, but well hidden by meters of sand and thick vegetation. The battery Noordwijk is the new home for a Atlantikwall Museum. Several extensive books on the subject were written by Dolf and Paul Harff (see Sources).

We remember our dear friend John Burgmans from New Zealand; he gave us old pictures and maps of this area.

Typical pattern of the shuttering in the ceiling of the tunnels.