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During the war Stützpunktgruppe Breskens had several layouts. In 1942 it consisted of Breskens, Nieuwe Sluis and Groede. In 1942 permission was given to built a Panzerstützpunkt. After realisation of it in 1943 the troops were deployed in an other way and Stp Gr Breskens was reduced to only the village and the harbour. The name Panzerstützpunkt was scrapped from the documents. This is the reason for the still visible changes in the numbering of the bunkers in the whole area. As noted in the main menu of Zeeland, the naval AA defences of the entrance of the Westerschelde was under one commander who was situated in Vlissingen. The Südbattery was on the dike nearby the old French fortress Frederik Hendrik, just west of Breskens.
In 2004 were left:

  • two Mg bunkers with 6-Schartenturm, type 112 neu (one cupola present)
  • four Mg bunkers with plate, type 630
  • one bunker for M19 mortar, type 633
  • one extremely rare Mg/Pak bunker type 642
  • one bunker type 607 for ammunition
  • one hospitalbunker type 607S
  • several tobruks, among which four only in AOK 15 built Michelmannstände
  • parts of the tankditch
  • some armoured parts preserved at a scrapyard

Most of the bunkers are part of Stp Süd, W.N. I. For more details, see the good book on Breskens by Ben Muller in our Sources.

In the summer of 2004 a sudden proces was started. The 607 and the 633 were demolished.
The scrapyard has been moved to the city of Terneuzen which leds to the demolition of several smaller buildings on that terrain.

The 633 first had number 45, later number 27.